Ron Paul – The Invisible Precedent?

There are some things that need to be made clear first. These days, I’ve gone from not liking politicians to detesting them. In both Britain and America, those in or seeking public office seem to evoke a strong response in me. Disbelief that anyone so out of touch with reality could even think about putting themselves up for election. So my entry into the extraordinary silences around Presidential candidate Ron Paul is new, untutored and quite ignorant when it comes to the man himself. There will be other commentators around who know far more about the man than I do – and I willingly bow to their greater knowledge. If people want to post any links to those they rate, please feel free to do so. I have to also own up to utter mystification when it comes to the US electoral system, so it would be reasonable to ask why an ignorant Brit has the cheek to write about this subject at all. Well, here’s why.

People in both the USA and Britain have begun to act upon their awakening knowledge that our financial and political systems are deeply corrupt, acting in financial interest of their wealthy backers and themselves. An old story it’s true but the Occupy movements are beginning to openly confront what is going on. As the Occupying begin to face down the aggressive might of this system where everyone can see, with their own eyes, how power is being abused, so other people are starting to wake up too. The newly awakened are probably going to be as naively untutored as I am around the subject of Ron Paul, but it doesn’t mean we are stupid. To know we are ignorant is the beginning of wisdom. So, here was this allegation emerging on the net that Ron Paul was being systematically ignored by the mainstream media of America.

Ron Who? Never heard of him! Except, to my ears that argument sounds rather familiar. It’s the same argument I’ve been hearing in the comment columns of the Guardian newspaper during the past few months. Like the requests for clarification of the Guardian’s political support of the LibDem party that has done the most astonishing volte-face since it got its hands on a modicum of power. Repeated requests for the paper to look more deeply into the corrupt connections between public services and private business seeking to get its hands on it have met with obfuscation, moderation or dismissal. This eventually led to some Guardian-users creating “The Peterloo Massacre” campaign to try and break through this wall of silence by reminding the paper of its origins. We failed. From the ashes has come “OccupyTheMediaPeterloo”.

What is interesting to me about this development is the much wider community we have stepped into, because the Guardian is also seeking to step beyond the UK and into the USA too. Now, I have a lot of time for the paper. Both my parents were Guardian readers when I was young, so it has always featured in my life. The Guardian’s recent expose of the workings of News International/News Corps at the late “News of the World” has been beyond criticism and I am among many who are deeply grateful for the role it has played in severing the links between Rupert Murdoch and our leading politicians. With that coup under its belt, it has a fine reputation to draw upon as it steps into US media… except… Does it pass the Ron Paul test? Well, you can make your own mind up here

When I had a look at the search results, my answer was ‘No’ – Ron Paul might just as well be invisible in the Guardian too. But the real problem is that Paul’s invisbility in the USA is manufactured and not actual. This broadcast from ‘Russia Today’ offers a good example of what is actually happening and how it is being done.

This article is not about ‘trashing’ the paper. It’s about consciousness-raising. Many of us have sleep-walked our way through the last thirty years or so. Those who have been awake have been maligned or dismissed as ‘stupid’ or ‘crazy’ for being able to see how bad things are getting. I also believe that it is much harder for those within the system to appreciate how badly they might have been compromised by it and the only way to do that is to offer simple, but irrefutable, evidence. So the Guardian – presenting itself is a liberal paper to citizens of the USA – is falling into the same system that denies Ron Paul the same amount of media attention as the others who think God wants them to be President, somehow forgetting that God doesn’t have a vote – people do.


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