You only have 140 characters but lots to say –

  1. how to stretch out your message

    make your links shorter to give you more characters to play with
    here’s the link for this site
    with the link copied, go here:
    paste that link in the text box and press the “tiny” button, which shrinks the link to
    then copy the shrunken link into your tweet so it looks like this:

  2. use hashtags

    those are the things you see in tweets like #otmp. These are what people look for to find the same kind of tweets. For example the Murdoch hearing tweets were being posted in #hacking.

    See for yourself – use twitter’s search function to find tweets containing the hashtag #9Nov

    This is how you get people to see your posts outside of those you follow or that follow you – for example to try to communicate with people interested in the St Pauls occupation – their hashtag is #olsx so tweeting something like

    “stay strong all #olsx #otmp”

    means people watching for “#olsx” will see the tweet and the #otmp hashtag. This is the key to twitter’s power – think of each hashtag as a link to a discussion group or a forum thread.

    Some Occupy hashtags (watch for new ones appearing):

    • #olsx – occupy London Stock Exchange
    • #otsq – occupy Trafalgar Square (was short lived but worthy of being repeated)
    • #occupyLondon – in the name
    • #occupyUK – ditto

    Case isn’t important – UPPERCASE, lowercase, MiXeD , but for longer hashtags mixed is better for legibility – #occupyeverywhere or #OccupyEverywhere

    ok so lets go back to our tweet


    add in our hashtag –
    “ #otmp” (114 chars left)

    Add in another group’s

    “ #otmp #occupy (106 characters left)

    Type away until you have 0 chars left and “Tweet”


    Don’t spam – post the same message over and over and over – as people will start ignoring you. As a rough guide send one targeted tweet an hour – the rest of the time just send retweets of things you think are useful/interesting.

    You can also slightly reformat a tweet someone else has sent, maybe to add on another tag, but if you do remember to leave room for “RT” (retweet) at the start of the tweet.

    Alternatively use the original poster’s twitter name (@otmpeterloo) with /v the short hand for “via”

    “stay strong #olsx #occupyUK #occupyEverywhere /v @otmpeterloo”

  4. Trolls and spammers

    This is the internet after all.

    Click on the spammer/troll’s avatar to open the side panel, near the “follow” button is the “user” button. Press that, and look for ‘Report Spam’ on the menu that opens to notify twitter of the spammer account and block them at the same time.

    Anti-spam Resources – offers a real time spam tracking service – useful for tracking what messages and usernames area currently spamming

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