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Within the last six weeks or so, a genie has been released across the planet. The unstoppered bottle began its journey during the Arab Spring but has finally found its greatest expression in the Occupy movements. In all cases, the protest of ordinary people has been met with unveiled violence from the system under which those people live. Such protests are nothing new. They’ve occurred throughout history and have always met the same response at the beginning. What is new is the globalisation of the protest.
For some individuals, what is occurring in their country is shocking. The Arab Spring, for example, could be applauded from a safe distance in the comfort of the belief that ‘we don’t do things like that’. The appalling violence and loss of life weren’t a part of our society – we were ‘civilised’. Now the unpleasant truth is making itself known. Read the rest of this entry »


On 26 November, Twitter was blessed with a series of tweets from @der_bluthund , commenting on various media sources – for anyone who missed them, here they are again.


The Daily Mail is the Tory mouthpiece for the barely credulous amongst their ranks…

The Mirror, the Sun, and the Daily Star are for those who cannot think past tits, tattle, television and sport.

The Daily Express is for barely credulous Tories who are more scared of the EU than they are of ‘Mooslims’

The Independent and ‘i’ papers are for trendy middle class people who think they are outside of party politics but are self-deceived

The Telegraph is the Tory newsheet for the moderately intelligence but geopolitically naive

The Guardian is on the safer side of the left, but only just

The BBC is the worst state propaganda outfit there is in the Western World

The Times is so Tory it is almost Nazi

The Financial Times is the internal House Paper of the New World Order / Globalist Elites – read it to know their plans six months

Al Jazeera will support any revolution just so long as it does not go against Qatari Royal interests

Press TV is just Iranian State Propaganda, but saying that, they tell the truth a lot more often than the BBC does…

The New York Post is worse than the Daily Mail, if such a thing were possible

Huffington Post had potential before they allowed themselves to be bought out by the big boys – now they’re just propaganda

InfoWars and PrisonPlanet just ramps up the fear so that they can sell you survival gear and hide the really important information from you.

The Raw Story is fairly unbiased but they’re not perfect. They are beginning to up their game a bit though…

I don’t know what to make of Al Arabiya yet. I think they are an Arabic version of the Mirror from what I have read so far…

Time Magazine is like the glossy New World Order / Globalist Elite rag that should be inside the Financial Times on Saturdays…

Reuters will publish any old shit going without verifying its veracity first…

France 24 is the best out of the ‘foreign service’ news sites, but they can do better sometimes

I swear Wadf (Egypt) has published every single death announcement for Usama bin Laden going without batting an eyelid…

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There are some things that need to be made clear first. These days, I’ve gone from not liking politicians to detesting them. In both Britain and America, Read the rest of this entry »