The Peterloo Avatar Campaign was started to try and arrange an online debate between editorial staff and commenters about the Guardian’s editorial stance, reporting and moderation policy whilst in the meantime documenting and clearly communicating those ongoing concerns to staff members.  The avatars were a visual nudge for the Guardian staff and were quite successful at instigating debate amongst the users of the interactive area of the Guardian.

However the Guardian has made it clear that it considers the issues raised a low priority. This is a position that saddens all of us, as we had hped to move forwards with the Guardian.

The campaign itself now has a much broader focus, however you can tack the birth of the avatar campaign by clicking on the link here for all (opens in a new window) Peterloo related posts on the c1nf site, the original home for the campaign.

Want to get involved?

There are varying levels of involvement – just using an avatar in CiF, indulging in armchair hacktivism, documenting omissions in articles, unusual moderation activities in or around specific topics,  – contact us through the contact form below if you think you might have something interesting or even want to get more involved in what we’re doing.

If you do wear a Peterloo avatar in CiF you will find people asking you about them – posting links may get your posts deleted – it’s much safer to put the link below in your CiF profile and link to that:

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