The original Peterloo campaign began as a reaction to the oddities spotted by users on the Guardian’s electronic version of its paper. More than inaccuracies in the content, a series of omissions of its editorials.

The name Peterloo was chosen by the campaign as it was the massacre of an anti-hunger, pro democracy rally  in St Peters Square in Manchester, or rather the reaction to cavalry charges and sabres being used against unarmed men women and children, that led to changes in the journalistic landscape in the UK. At a time when less than 2% of the population could vote and legislation forced basic food stuff beyond the reach of average people – the establishment use of force to silence protest is eerily resonant with the current political situation in the UK, where 1% of the population has circumvented democracy.

Worse yet the media is standing by and letting this happen without comment. Either through choice by accepting commercial sponsorship to write articles, or by simply letting PR departments write their copy for them.

It’s time to end churnalism. It’s time to take back the media.